From the point of nominee, initial thing why we decided to participate in the IT Awards 2013 is a very unique and transparent process of nominations.
Nedeljko KovačevićAMD



AirLive® is a brand providing Innovation, Solutions, Reliability and Technology. AirLive’s R&D department continuously focuses its efforts on developing the right products including AirLive® WISP and Outdoor solutions, AirLive® SMB and Security solutions and AirLive® Small Office and Home products.These products represent brilliant value for enterprises, business professionals, Internet Service Providers, small businesses and consumers because of their outstanding price/performance ratio.

AirLive has a very strong IP Surveillance division which is currently introducing its latest IP Surveillance Solutions, and innovative products such as full power PoE Switches, 5 Megapixels, Fisheye, PIR, IVS IP Camera and Intelligent Surveillance Software.

Customers have the opportunity to try a variety of product demonstrations, information and insight into the latest technologies, and Wireless Networking + IP Surveillance Solutions applied to Home, Enterprise, Business (such as Hotel, Shopping Mall, …etc.), Public Constructions, WISP, etc. multiple applications for clients.

AirLive® provides strong marketing support including aggressive marketing programs, strong marketing communication, unified design of all materials, road shows and technical seminars, exhibitions, catalogues and brochures and many individual and global programs.  AirLive’s brand awareness is growing continuously and our measure of success is not quantified just in numbers, but the long terms growth of business and partnership.  We provide our partners years of networking experiences and strong support to customers.

The AirLive team treats customers as real friends offering trust and providing high quality products and advanced technical support to build long-term partnership.

AirLive® commits to delivering only the highest quality products to our partners following rules of ISO-9001-2000.
AirLive® is a professional networking brand and its team is committed to advanced technology and outstanding sales and marketing support.

AirLive Team members work with partners and build up long term relationships and friendships.