IT Awards uses a unique process for evaluating. The interface is very intuitive with advanced features. Me, as a judge, find that Awards Management System makes process of assessment much easier , and the best part is that I was able to write comments on the projects that I have evaluated.
Dinko KonjevodaSampro

Domino Magazine

Domino magazine is the leading lifestyle magazine for young people in Serbia. We exist since 2007. years and hundreds of thousands of visits each month is the best proof of the quality of our content.
Domino Magazine’s readers are between 23-35 years old and are interested in primarily new trends, new collection of clothes and shoes, mobile devices, and healthy life, but also travel, sex and city events.

Domino Magazine is designed for topics that most interest our readers, from the new collection clothes, art and design, to the music, film, photography. Important topics we cover are interesting gadgets and cars, as well as marketing, business, travel, beautiful life and health. The basic idea of the magazine is to young, urban readers offer superb articles on various topics in the domain of interest. Proven creative team of the best journalists, editors, designers and photographers who have made some of the leading magazines, daily updates Domino with current events.

More than 200,000 readers per month is confirmation that we are the most read lifestyle magazine for young people in Serbia.