For the first time in our country there is a relevant organization that gives awards. In addition to the great support we received in process of nomination, the main benefit for us is benchmark report  from the professional jury of IT Awards. This feedback we will use as a guidance for further development.
Miloš VučekovićPetfrendli


eKapija is Serbia’s leading business portal delivering information on relevant business and economic events in the region of Southeast Europe. In addition to the review of the latest news and reports from our country and the region, eKapija also provides economic analyses, stock exchange reports, announcements of new investments, review of the latest tenders and tender winners, as well as a comprehensive registry, which currently comprises over 130,000 business and legal entities.

All the information is available to the users of eKapija via website, as well as via electronic bulletins that are delivered daily to the subscribers’ e-mail addresses. The daily business bulletin eKapija is adapted to the specific requirements of each user and contains the information that are singled out as important for the user’s business. Conceived as a B2B service, eKapija portal represents an efficient platform for the exchange of information among business subjects.

The web portal eKapija is trilingual, which means that its contents are available in Serbian, English and German language.

What have we achieved since 2005?

  • Over 18.000 users of the system (the quickest growing economic web portal in the region).
  • Increase in the number of subscribers by 15% over the last year.
  • Average number of hits – over 55,000 documents read and 35,000 searches done on a daily basis.
  • Our users trust us – 80% of all users renew their subscription every year!
  • is, according to the data on web portals and the most visited business portal in Serbia.
  • Average annual production of documents: 27.000 news and reports, 52.000 tenders .
  • Number of business and legal entities in our registry: over 130.000 .
  • Regional presence – Beside Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, expansion to other regional countries in the pipeline.
  • Trilingualism – all documents on eKapija are available in Serbian, English and German language.

How do our documents rank in search results returned by search engines?

We take pride in the fact that we have had an exceptional number of hits returned by search engines for our documents, which also rank high in the search results.

We must point out that the success based on the number of readers and ranking on Google is even greater when we know that about 40% of documents on the portal eKapija are available only to our subscribers, that is, they are not seen by Google and other search engines.

Who are the users of eKapija portal?

The greatest treasure of eKapija, is its user portfolio, as well as the information that 70% of individual users of the system are members of the senior management of companies, that is, decision-makers and those who can not be easily reached via any other media. Our subscribers are almost all banks, insurance companies, broker companies, construction companies, all foreign business clubs, embassies, foreign and local investment funds, as well as a large number of small and mid-sized enterprises.