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Polarotor is a TV show about new technologies created in the fall of 1990. which was broadcast at Third channel on national television – RTS, and now broadcast on television Kopernikus.
It is also the oldest TV Show that deals with the topic of IT technologies. At first, subjects were communications satellite, and then later when computers became a standard part of our lives, thus became the headlines of this show, so we today have standard sections: Hardware, Software, Internet, Hi-Fi technology, Moblie Communications Stories with IT event IT News …

The author and host is a respected university professor, prof. Dragan Cosic, who with his colleagues from week to week trying to show entertainment content and retain their specific educational note.

The show was broadcast once a week, and so far has recorded and aired over 935 episodes, which puts our show in one of the most enduring TV shows that have ever existed in our country.

New Polarotor is visually different and more modern, but kept the informative and educational role for which he was always known as Polarotor.

Polarotor is now broadcast at Copernicus television channel (KCN 1) premiere on Wednesdays from 7pm.  and rerun Saturdays from 11:45 am.

TV kopernikus can also be traced across the world LIVE via the Internet site, and also through leased space on the satellite:

Eutelsat W2
Position 16 degrees
Frequency 10,834 GHz
Vertical polarization
Symbol rate 27,500 MSym
FEC 5/6
Copernicus SID 2003

In addition, the Polarotot  re-transmitted on a network of over 30 local TV stations in Serbia.

For those who fail to follow us regularly on TV screens, running the site emisije  which is the official site of Polarotor and tries to cover all the information published on the show.

Motto of Polarotor is to show new technologies with ordinary words are to become closer to ordinary people, so the widest range of viewers, which is basically the main objective of implementing programs, learning through play and have fun learning.