From the point of nominee, initial thing why we decided to participate in the IT Awards 2013 is a very unique and transparent process of nominations.
Nedeljko KovačevićAMD

The Best IT Education – Primary and secondary boarding school “Milan Petrović”

IT Education/IT Event

awarded to:

Primary and secondary boarding school “Milan Petrović”


” Definitely one of the best equipped educational institution (and probably the only one). Exceptional work, effort and fight for the best conditions for children with special needs to enable them to live as normal as possible. It is amazing to testify existence of such an institution in our country. When it comes to technique and equipment, and utilization of unique methods, in my opinion, this school leads to the top of educational institutions. This is a positive example that should be emphasized and which may lead to a greater awareness. I think that values and methods of the school are not sufficiently promoted, and I hope that IT Awards 2013 will help in this. ”

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Education of children with special needs and persons with disabilities, distance learning.  1200 pupils and beneficiaries in more than 15 locations in Novi Sad and 10 dislocated School’s departments in surrounding villages.

ESS ”Milan Petrovic“ is the only institution in Serbia and in the region that includes children with special needs and persons with disabilities from the earliest age to their adulthood, regardless of their disability. Special AT equipment is used as assistive technology in addition to all regular PC equipment.

The equipment that we use to facilitate schooling process for our students with:

1.motor disabilities:

- interactive boards AGE smart board

- Tobii C12  PackageCommunicator- Tobii C12 ,standard set touch scren monitor with integrated software for all communication needs of the user, together with additional Tobii eye tracking system

- Tablets used as communicators

- Specialised keyboards (robust , with large keys and grids, sound keyboard –software solution that reads out typed text, Cherry keyboard with replaceble keys – intely keys)  and mouses („big wheel“, Integra  mouse –operated by mouth, BIGtrack – Big track mouse)

2. visual impairment:

- Braille typing machine
- Printer for relief-tactile prints
- Braille embosser (for blind and visualy impaired persons),
- PACmate- Braille keyboard
- JAWS screen reading software,
- AN reader software for synthetic speech,
- Specialised keyboard for visualy impaired persons (PC- Keyboard with extra large lettering)
- Onyx digital magnifier

3.hearing imparement:

- CCD color camera (opt.zoom x30), Day/Night, High sensitive. With PTZ console and ceiling construction and PTZ command module – keyboard.- Conference system (video camera and other) among other things – visual tracking of the speaker (for deaf and hard of hearing persons who read from lips)

Also, our teaching and therapeutical stuff are higly AT literate. They are continously attending various trainings and educational courses in order to enhance and improve thair knowledge. Apart from that, the School organizes accredited courses about assistive technology and publish handbooks.

Musical instruments
that can be played by pupils with multiple dissabilities also distinguish us from from other schools. They are played via controle board, optical and luminous sensors. American violinist and composer Curt Coble created those instruments thus enabling our pupils to participate in various musical happenings.

The School created portal for distance learning “Milanče”( in order to help those pupils who can’t attend lessons on a daily bases due to their health condition.
The School is verified as Resource Centre where potential users can get help in choosing adequate equipment.

The important awards that we got for innovative approach to educational process are: St. Sava Award (2002.), St. Sava Award to the School’s director (2013.), Microsoft Award of excellence (2006.)

The School has been constantly developing in order to cover emerging needs of our beneficiaries. We closely observe and apply the latest technology solutions in our schooling process in order to enhance our performance and enable our pupils to improve their level of education and quality of life.

Our plan is to follow the development of assistive technology which will consequently be implemented in our schooling process. It applies for the stuff education too.

ESS “Milan Petrovic“ is recognised as Assistive Technology regional center. Numerous AT equipment is used on a daily basis as it is the only way for communicating and learning for most of our pupils

The School was established 50 years ago.

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