From the point of nominee, initial thing why we decided to participate in the IT Awards 2013 is a very unique and transparent process of nominations.
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The Best Marketing Campaign and Customer Care – Lav Igra i Strast

The Best Marketing Campaign and Customer Care

 awarded to:

 MRM Worldwide d.o.o


Lav Igra i Strast


“Very clever strategic campaing, combining online and offline activities to promote Lav game and passion. Its give add value to products, promoting bear giving fans what they need to know about football results, information in one place.”

judge comment

The purpose of campaign is integration of different information for beer- and football-lovers, promotion of the brand Lav beer, communication with the users, interesting contest with great prizes.

Lav brand is presented as a supporter  to all football fans, stating that it’s all about the game and passion that we feel when we watch the game and not about winning or losing the game. Football fans make football great.

They approach all football fans equally without explicit  pointing out two biggest football clubs (and rivals ) in our country  ( Partizan & Crvena Zvezda) , giving them various prizes in form of sweepstakes and great prizes for collecting codes.

They have a clear football-beer relationship communication with complete coverage of football content on web and mobile media. Also, LAV beer Football can is a product made special for the football fans, that provides great prizes to best consumers.

All the information about football in one place (news, live-score, tables, TV schedule, SMS notifications), great prizes for registered users, free mobile application provides everything football related anytime.

LAV beer created specialized package with printed code, especially for the football fans. We created online mechanism for collecting codes and exchanging them for prizes. Whole platform is enhanced with the football related content that matters the most to football fans.

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