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The Best Software solutions – Discourse

The Best Software solution

awarded to:

New Frontier Group




 ” A very nice product indeed. CRMs have been on the market for some 20 years now but rarely have they, like this product followed the development of the rest of the IT world. Tight integration with social media services makes this product stand well above similar products on the market today. Voice and video chat integration seem like the logical next step to take for this product.”

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Discourse is social collaboration tool that can be used in parallel for internal and external collaboration. Ideal for consultative selling, it provides a new way to engage customers in a private and secure channel. Facebook plugin enables to engage Facebook fans and convert them from leads to customers.

It changes the way businesses communicate with customers, makes it insanely easy to engage customers during various collaborative business processes. It speeds up feedback gathering, opportunities management and makes sure that everyone is on the same page during projects.

Discourse re-invents collaboration between company and their customers/partners. It’s a new communication channel for sales, support and projects delivery. The social component enables and promotes engagement both within the company employees and on the side of the customers. iOS App is available at Apple’s App store.

At the same time we are aiming at large enterprise (Discourse is now being used in Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia and second largest in Europe), but also at small and medium business, that can use Discourse online (as a SaaS solution). We are also aiming at some specific industries that can benefit the most (banking, insurance, telco…).

Competition lacks the ability to reach outside the company firewall and engage customers in the conversation and collaboration that goes beyond traditional email. Furthermore, the social components is typically lacking in competitors’ products.

  • Product is being developed in iterative and incremental method.
  • It  is built to scale: we use proven, high performance components:

–      PostgreSQL (SQL database)
–      MongoDB (no-SQL database)
–      Apache (web server)
–      NGINX (HTTP processing)
–      Django/Python (application server).

  • On-site optimization and integration with Discourse API is possible.

For Discourse Collaboration Framework (on-site) deployment, VMWare virtual Linux machine is delievered

The product is being offered through New Frontier Group companies, and is directly represented in Austria, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Turkey.

Customers anywhere in the world can use Discourse online as a SaaS solution, with monthly fees.

Discourse enables companies to engage customers in a completely new and social way. It provides a new sales and delivery channel, fuels the Digital Economy business transformation and provides a mean to sell to new geographies.

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