With so many excellent products and projects being developed in the region and worldwide, IT needs a reward to distinguish those that are simply good from the best of them. IT Awards might just be that grading system this industry needs.
Dejan Rundić

The Best e-commerce website – GreenDesign.rs


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” A well designed and functional e-commerce website. User friendly and well thought out. Site loads quick and painlessly. SEO is well done. I like the idea of and agent trying to connect the local and regional designers (freelancers and others) and provide them with the room where they can show what they can do. “

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Green Design connect designers to those who need design for any purpose. There is no real competition in the ex-yu region. We are expanding onto whole Europe market. At the moment we are implementing payment card service so paying for our services will be even more easier.

Every designer and freelancer (not regarding his age, experience nor CV) is welcome at GreenDesign.rs where he can join any published competition and compete other designers. Also, any designer can create his own portfolio in Portfolio section where he can present his own work to potential employers.

We are internet service which gives companies and people opportunity to get quality design for any need via our design competition platform where vast number of designers compete each other, and companies chooses the best design.

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