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The Best Mobile Device – Garmin fenix


The Best Mobile Device

awarded to:

Infoteam d.o.o  – Garmin


Garmin fēnix™


“Excellent product with features that will come in handy for any adventurer type out there that loves his outdoors more then his mother in laws nagging.”

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The Garmin Fenix is Garmin’s first wristband GPS inclusive foray into hiking/adventure and ultra-running products.  The unit have a battery life of 50 hours, and thus appealed to mountainous hikers and runners alike.  It also fell into the category of ABC watches, which stands for Altimeter, Barometer and Compass. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, it satisfies the lofty requirements of the serious adventurer. It’s very easy to use and packed with many of the same features found on our popular outdoor handheld GPS products. As a true GPS navigator, it can guide you off the trail and back to the safety of your vehicle, trailhead, campsite or home. All while conveniently strapped to your wrist.

Garmin fēnix is distinctive product among many other similar products with all needed options in one product, supported with Garmin quality and know-how in GPS technology. It connect’s a various options and possible uses in one place, on a wrist of a hand of user.

GPS /GLONASS GPS latest generation receiver, wireless external sensors, ANT+ sensor support, Bluetooth, short range wireless data transfer between similar units.

Garmin’s first GPS wrist watch for outdoorsmen, such as mountaineers, hikers, cyclists, hunters and backpackers. fēnix provides comprehensive navigation and tracking functionalities as well as trip information to guide adventurers during their challenging activities off the beaten track. Its built-in sensors provide information on heading, elevation and weather changes. Utilizing Garmin’s leading GPS technology, fēnix can guide adventurers off the trail and back to the safety of a vehicle, trailhead or campsite. Sporting a classic round watch design in a high-strength housing with a scratch-resisting display, it is built to endure the toughest outdoor conditions and also makes a stylish day-to-day timepiece.

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