Krojačeva škola web dizajna supports every good step towards improving the importance of education in the IT sector and all related areas. We are pleased that we are given an opportunity at IT Awards 2013 to contribute to the achievement of that goal. We believe that together we have paved the way for a successful IT story.
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“One word: great. Two words: great site. From a strictly design point off view this site is perfect. A simplistic solution one might say, from the programming stand point but then another question arises: What is this site for? An then and only then, when the answer to this question has been found can one give this site a grade for that part of its whole. Site is just perfect. Its meant to appeal to children and thats exactly the person this site will revive in you. It will stick to your mind like a beautiful dream cut in half by mum yelling:  School time, as you yell back: 5 more minutes mummy, please!”

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Presentation of the bimonthly children’s magazin “Mali Zabavnik”. All website’s content is free. Bearing in mind our readers (6-12 years) all content is easily accessible and has a simple outline. Trying to make the most of new technologies, our website is updated regularly and features content from our printed edition. It is prominently displayed on our Facebook page, and is featured in all advertisements we publish in the media.

Content of the website provides interesting information for both our readers and new visitors. It’s simplicity and modern design appeal to the younger public and engages them in fun and educational activities. Parents can be at ease because they can be sure that their children’s time is well spent on our pages.

Our website is visited daily by several hundreds of loyal users.

Website has been made by young designers for young readers. We believe our modern yet quality approach stands out.

Business policy of the team is: Growing up is fun!

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