We are pleased that we, as a school, have received recognition IT Awards 2013.
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The most successful women in IT industry – Danica Manojlović


The most successful women in IT industry

awarded to:

Danica Manojlović
CT Retail and Gigatron


“The work and influence speak for themselves. When someone has survived so many years in IT industry, that means she constantly upgraded her knowledge and her willingness to contribute to the development of this industry is clearly present.”

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Present: Product manager for Computer peripherals

Past: General Purchasing&Sale Manager – Iris mega/Computer Land
PR of the Company
Account Sales manager – Imtel Computers
Manager of Sales&Documentation department – Imtel
PR of the company – Imtel

She was the Author and Speaker for gaming show “CD Byte” at TV Politika for 2 years, Computer show “Profy Byte” for more than 2 years, Author&Speaker for computer show “PC Ultra” and Author and speared for a talk show.

She was participating in pioneer start and development of Serbian IT.
Excellent knowledge of sales techniques, skilled in presenting and negotiating, the ability of rapid professional development and efficient to cope with different situations.
Has the capacity to establish a close working relationship, and create a positive working atmosphere both at individual and team work. And she is the only one who has completed the cycle of imports to final sales, and achieved excellent results in each segment.

Her communication skills and very good innovative ideas on how to deal with market situations helped her to push so many brands on the market. She have a lot of experience and the most important she is a hard worker who can always learn something new to upgrade her work.

28 years in IT industry.

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