For the past three years, IT Awards have been recognizing leaders of Serbian IT scene – individuals and groups who have generated an added value and achieved amazing results, both inside and outside the country. It is important for one such industry to celebrate and promote those who strive towards and stop at nothing to achieve their goals, hence working on building up an even larger community thriving for success.
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Interview with judge – Dragan Ćosić

So, how the rules in such situations require, I, as a member or jury, one among the first, want to thank the organizers of the IT Awards 2013 and special thanks to them  because they had confidence that we, the jury, can evaluate works and qualify them.

The jury really had their hands full, namely the works are coming online, and the jury had to adapt to those problems that are nominated, and we have been very busy. Second, we had great help from a professional software that support this whole event. It is a professional program applied for this opportunity, and that helped us a lot. And here we did not have so-called “Halo effect” .

Software is flawless, well done to perfection, and automatically collected points, made a ranking list, so that there was absolute neutrality without influence on jury by other judges or by the author of a work.  What else can I say, other than famous phrase, so, all of us who work something we can always do better, and it shall be a phrase of apologies to those who did not receive awards, and those who have received awards, congratulations one more time.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Dragan Cosic is  professor doctor at Duck Travel & Trade International Company. He is also a professor of computer science at Belgrade Business School – College of Professional Studies in Belgrade.
The author of TV show with longest tradition in our country – Polarotor which started to be broadcast in the fall of 1990. on Third RTS channel and broadcast until channel is off. Currently being broadcast on TV Copernicus. In addition to satellite television, digital and analogically, computer hardware and software, Polarotor monitor audio and video technology as well as all the events from the Internet.

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