We applied for the IT Awards because it is a rare example of such an event where everyone is in the same position and fully equal competitors, and there is no pressure on judges. Where really The Best wins. IT Awards is shining example.
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The Best online Marketing Campaign – Adbuka.com


 Adbuka combines the simplicity of publishing business posts on social networks and advertising network visibility with maximum protection of user privacy.

ADBUKA is based on five principles:

1. Privacy
2. Simplicity
3. Engaging the audience
4. Efficiency
5. Transparency

1. Adbuka do not track users. A cookie that describes the user’s preferences are saved only when the user requests it consciously. Unlike existing systems that making conclusions about user interests (without opt-in), and sometimes the user can turn off some categories (opt-out), Adbuka has a full opt-in and opt-out.
Also, there is no connection between the databases that monitor user preference settings and database that log the activities of the ads (clicks). Nobody can connect a person who has made certain settings with the person who clicked on the ad.

2. Placing an ad is easy as writing status on social networks. Without targeting. Without worry about dimensions, typeface, text limits etc.

3. Anyone of Internet users, can adjust their interest in any website in Adbuka network – this settings determines what kind of ads they will be displayed (on-demand principle). This also eliminates the need for advertisers to target audiences, just describe its products/ service.

4. The effectiveness of on-demand ad is higher than other because they appear to those who are interested in their products, timing the peak of their desire to purchase. Over 24% of users adjusts interest, CTR (click trough rate) is 2x higher than contextual and 4x higher than FB ads.

5. Adbuka transparently communicating with customers. Even if there are problems they can not hide from users – all changes in service delivery is published on http://status.adbuka.com   and the many questions there are answers to user location http://askadbuka.com.

The only on-demand advertising networks, fully harmonized with the EU legislation, and the only one in which advertisements are visible on the site (www.adbuka.com) when the advertiser is no longer paying ads.

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