All IT Awards which are assigned today are the outstanding contribution to the IT scene, and I would say, if I may, that all the prizes are in the right hands.
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IT Innovation of the year – Linkom-PC d.o.o.

Linkom-PC d.o.o.

Infrastructure project – MPLS, IPv6, full redundancy – as the basis for the transition from “ordinary” cable operator to MSO (Multi Service Operator)

Implementation of Cisco Systems equipment – ASR 9006, ME-3600, etc.

The basic request from prospective user was to keep a leading market position in the broadband Internet connections in Bosnia and Herzegovina (according, M & H Company and Kablovska HS, and two leading companies in the HS group, and they are leaders in broadband access in BiH). We decided to offer them another level of implementation – the transition from a position of “ordinary” cable operator into modern telecommunications (MSO – Multi Service Operator) operator. Our offer was include even resolution for one of very common telecommunication problems – the lack of IPv4 addresses, and we offer them implementation of IPv6 protocol. Very important part of design was full redundancy in Core.

Our traditional presence of this customer, in the past 5 years, and the existence of the “old” core design, imposed the logical orientation and design with Cisco Systems equipment. We used for the core network, routers of ASR (Aggregation Services Routers) 9000 Series, scaled according to the size of the current customer, and in the same time have respect of the number of their broadband subscribers, following growth plans over the next 3 years. As access aggregation switches, we have used a Cisco ME-3600 series.

As you can see above, this project of transition from “standard” core environment to modern and highly reliable full redundant MSO core environment is based on the latest and most advanced Cisco Systems technologies and equipment, designed for service operators.


Prior to the ASR9000, Cisco’s high-end SP product portfolio consisted of the CRS-1, the GSR, and the 7600 (and the 6500). The ASR9000 is the successor to both the GSR and the 7600. When the CRS-1 is deployed in a large network at the core, the ASR9000 complements it on the edge; both run IOS-XR. In 2011, Cisco announced capacity upgrades and support of network Virtualization (nV) capabilities[2] for the ASR9000. In 2011, the ASR9000 was awarded “Best Carrier Ethernet Aggregation Product” at the Carrier Ethernet World Congress.

„Up to now we have been very successful in offering standard IP connections based on up-to-date Cisco Systems® solutions, but now we’ll be able to satisfy even the most demanding requests form even the most ambitious customers“, is the statement from Enes Hajdarević, president of the M&H group.

„Across the country more and more of our customers are demanding end-to-end connections, and , what’s even more important to them, a single point of contact – just one company, just one contact to turn to, as opposed to reaching out to multiple teams, departments and companies  to get in the end the kind of service we can offer“, emphasizes Ševal Bećirević, CEO at M&H company.


„This is a significant step forward for us. We will use it to develop new services and also enhance the quality of services to existing customers. All of this will enables us to reach new and ambitious business  users“, are the words of Adnela Hajdarević, Marketing and Sales Manager at M&H Company.

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