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Dejan Rundić

The Best IT product – SAGA – VIDIK


VIDIK is advanced and Innovative solution for video communication with operator in Call Center.

Vidik is useful in cases when exist a need for a Call Center. It is useful when you need Call Center operator assistance, when you want to talk with the operator in person, when you don’t want to wait in line to get information at the counter, or when you want to get all the instructions and documents in paper form without going to the branch office.



Vidik is based on new technologies like:

-          Based on Cisco Unified Communication Infrastructure – UCCX

-          Cisco Jabber client

-          Zeta system kiosk terminal


The advantages:

-          Fully customizable hardware and software out-of-the-box solution

-          Based on info kiosk principle

-          Customizable interface

-          Touch screen for options selection

-          Printer for document printing

-          Handset that ensures privacy of conversation

-          Camera for video communication

-          Optional modules for unique user identification (card reader, fingerprint reader

-          Hardware “vandal-proof” solution

Vidik is a unique combination of hardware and software which provides an entirely new way of secure communication with Call Center from public places.


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