With so many excellent products and projects being developed in the region and worldwide, IT needs a reward to distinguish those that are simply good from the best of them. IT Awards might just be that grading system this industry needs.
Dejan Rundić

Special award for contribution to online education – SuperŠkola


SuperSchool’s method of learning is in its infancy in our parts, but that is not the case worlwide. We were inspired by the fact that in many countries modern technologies have been successfully employed in educational purposes for decades. We adjusted modern methodology to the needs of our children and working with distinguished experts from various areas, we prepared video lessons that follow the official school curriculum outlined by the Ministry of Education.

SuperSchool is an educational portal containing over 650 video lessons in Serbian language, mathematics, physics and chemistry, including lectures, experiments and explanations, created to help the children master the school material from fifth to eigth grade of elementary school. SuperSchool video lessons are divided into packages that can be of use to any scholar, regardless of their progress in school. Additional tutoring, especially in higher grades of elementary schoool, is becoming necessary. There are many reasons for that: some students missed class, some don’t understand everything in school, others are simply curious and wish to learn more.

SuperSchool is breaking new ground when it comes to studying – it nurtures a different approach to learning and thinking that makes after-school studying interesting and productive. We believe there is nothing children couldn’t learn if they adjust the rhythm, time and place of studying to themselves. That is why SuperSchool’s virtual classroom is open 24 hours 7 days a week, and children can visit it whenever they feel like learning. In addition, SuperSchool students will be able to test their knowledge through a number of quizzes from the subjects we’ve covered, and our teachers will be there to respond to their doubts and advise them on their next steps in learning.
SuperSchool combines video, animation and interactive approach to studying and conveys the neccessary knowledge with ease. That is why we are happy, but not suprised, that SuperSchool’s lessons passed the test with the strictest of critics – the children it’s made for.
The doors of SuperSchool are wide open. Welcome!

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