IT Awards is the best thing that could happen in Serbia, because perceived lack of this type of competition that provides an opportunity to evaluate all the products in the IT industry.
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Special award for contribution to IT Infrastructure – Linkom-PC doo

Mica 2Linkom-PC ltd, is established in 1992. Since 1997., was actively involved in distribution and sales of IT solutions. Since 1997. – 2001. The Company was the official distributor of QMS – Minolta professional laser printers.

Thanks to extensive experience in the IT and telecommunications segment, today, Linkom-PC is company that has become a leader in the development and distribution of professional telecommunications solutions, throughout the former Yugoslavia.
The main polices of the strategy of The Company, since its founding, are:
• Quality without compromise, for all products and solutions,
• telecommunications solutions tailored for each user,
• the satisfaction of each user.

The Company working on project to develop a chain of satisfied customers, at the partner level, throughout the Region.

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