From the point of nominee, initial thing why we decided to participate in the IT Awards 2013 is a very unique and transparent process of nominations.
Nedeljko KovačevićAMD

Special award for contribution to IT Infrastructure – Linkom-PC doo

Mica 2Linkom-PC ltd, is established in 1992. Since 1997., was actively involved in distribution and sales of IT solutions. Since 1997. – 2001. The Company was the official distributor of QMS – Minolta professional laser printers.

Thanks to extensive experience in the IT and telecommunications segment, today, Linkom-PC is company that has become a leader in the development and distribution of professional telecommunications solutions, throughout the former Yugoslavia.
The main polices of the strategy of The Company, since its founding, are:
• Quality without compromise, for all products and solutions,
• telecommunications solutions tailored for each user,
• the satisfaction of each user.

The Company working on project to develop a chain of satisfied customers, at the partner level, throughout the Region.

Mica 3

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