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The best mobile device – Kopernikus – OTT set – top box


OTT Set-Top Box is device of new generation which allows you easy and fast way to find and watch TV channels.

The device is small dimensions and very easy to handling. With connection of box to internet you forth-fill one and only condition which is needed for your device to work.

Among basic function of watching TV channels, box may be used for listening radio stations and watching movies from Kopernikus video club.


Our advanced software allow you to create list of favorite channels, electronic program scheme and most important picture with high quality.

Box can be used for watching content on YouTube also.
If you connect web camera you can communicate via Skype on your TV.
If you connect Set-Box to Internet via LAN cable, out Set-Box can be configured as AP (access point) device and through him now you can connect all others WiFi devices.


Technical Specification:


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