IT Awards uses a unique process for evaluating. The interface is very intuitive with advanced features. Me, as a judge, find that Awards Management System makes process of assessment much easier , and the best part is that I was able to write comments on the projects that I have evaluated.
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Aleksandar Spasić

A man who has educated our IT market for many years with his dedication and quality work

Aleksandar Spasić was editor and managing director of Micro – PC World magazine for a long time and earned his place of honor in the alley of he Best IT journalists.

He began his work in 1995th as graphic editor for “Mikro Knjiga”. Soon after that, he advances to book publishing management and becomes editor. In June 1997. he publishes the first issue of the magazine Micro. Aleksandar then continues editorial work on magazine with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

He coordinates the activities of all magazine sections and start new ones. In 1999 he participates in launching MikroVesti news service which were published on daily basis, practically up to present day. Aleksandar has wrote around quarter of over 16,000 news. He focuses on the local IT scene in which he was well versed. He is a welcome guest and participates in many IT forums, conferences and seminars.  He doesn’t stop there, in 2003 he accepts the role of organizing and managing IT Globe, an annual award for the best domestic IT products and services.

At Mikro he still works on new concepts and columns. For last four years of his life he is editor and managing editor of Mikro.

Aleksandar Spasić is also a journalist in “Novi Magazin” since its begining in 2011 year.

IT Awards has decided, with the consent of the family Spasić, to name the prize for the best journalist in the IT field for the doyen of IT journalism, our dear friend and colleague. We believe that any laureate will proudly accept this award..