IT Awards is the best thing that could happen in Serbia, because perceived lack of this type of competition that provides an opportunity to evaluate all the products in the IT industry.
Pavel SuroviCommunication Agency i Internet agencije

Benchmark report

What is Benchmark report?

Each of the nominees will receive a complete evaluation report (benchmark report) of jury and comments on their work or products.

Many companies in the world use this way to obtain a realistic assessment of the independent jury of their work and in order to promote their business and be the best on the market they represent.


Why is banckmark report important?

Independent jury will evaluate their work and point out their view of advantages and disadvantages, and in this way everyone can improve yourself or their business.

Nominees receive a banchmark report an that ensuring that all participants are nominated next year regardless of the outcome.


Who recived benchmark report?

All entries will receive a benchmark report which will be individual to their entry.

It will be based on the scores allocated to the presentation by the judges on the presentation day and will include comments and a comparison of your entry relative to those competing in your category.

Feedback will be given for all entries.

For non-finalists, the baseline will be the lowest scoring finalist.

For the finalists the score will be comparative to the winner.