From the point of nominee, initial thing why we decided to participate in the IT Awards 2013 is a very unique and transparent process of nominations.
Nedeljko KovačevićAMD
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The best website –


E klinika is basically Online doctor…Ask what ever you want and what concerns you about your health and get all the answers you need. This website is innovative project which allows you for free, or with small payment, to get

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Interview with founder of and sponsor of IT Awards 2014


Last year, you have won in category for The Best E-commerce website. In which way that win influenced your business and you? Darko Vidić:  Winning IT Awards 2013 for The Best E-commerce website was verification of our work and our

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How to nominate for IT Awards 2014

Thanks to Awards Management System entire nomination process is done online. This way, we provide you with a quick and simple nomination, with no extra steps. 1. First you need to define for which category  you wish to nominate. You

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Company Rewarding Management or rewards that are relevant and resonant

Do you remember your first prize you have won? Swimming, chess, mathematics, judo, English …. How much do they mean and how many times have you or your parents show it to guests and at that moment engaged in “personal

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Review of IT Awards 2013

Interview with Ana Anastasijević Vuletić, Executive director of MakeIT Now, when you can summarize all the impressions, how satisfied are you with IT Awards 2013? I am very pleased. The first year is over and we gathered all the impressions,

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Why it is important to participate in IT Awards

Getting involved in IT Awards brings many tangible business benefits. Companies often spend tens of thousands of euros on team building exercises, motivational trips and conferences, and overlook the power of international recognition for what their people have already achieved.

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Interview with judge – Dragan Ćosić


So, how the rules in such situations require, I, as a member or jury, one among the first, want to thank the organizers of the IT Awards 2013 and special thanks to them  because they had confidence that we, the

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Judge IT Awards 2013 – Pavel Surovi

“IT Awards is the best thing that could happen in Serbia, we need this kind of  competition on which we could evaluate all the products in the IT industry. I was glad I could be a judge and participate in

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The Best IT product/Hardware – AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition


  The Best IT product/Hardware awarded to: AMD for: AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Graphics Processor   “If you are looking for the fastest single GPU card available, AMD seems to have retaken the crown. A vanity fair product

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The Best Mobile Device – Garmin fenix


  The Best Mobile Device awarded to: Infoteam d.o.o  – Garmin for: Garmin fēnix™   “Excellent product with features that will come in handy for any adventurer type out there that loves his outdoors more then his mother in laws

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