I’m glad we had opportunity to participate in this unique event. In particular, I would pointed out an excellent logistical support from the organizers.
Ivana BuzurovićHrani se zdravo


Agencija Make Impossible True
Karađorđev trg 13
11080, Zemun
Rn.355-3200172290-58, Vojvođanska banka
PIB: 107604237
MB: 62860588

Branch Malta
Triq Granmastri
Contact: ana@it-awards.org

Information: info@it-awards.org
Tehnical support: support@it-awards.org
Sponsorship: sponsors@it-awards.org
Judging: judging@it-awards.org

If you need more information, be free to call us at:
Serbia: +38163/ 24 62 61
Malta: +356/99 75 51 40