All IT Awards which are assigned today are the outstanding contribution to the IT scene, and I would say, if I may, that all the prizes are in the right hands.
Tamara VučenovićDigitalne Ikone


Frequently asked questions


When is the entry deadline?

Entry deadline is published on this page

Who can enter?

  • Any organisation, team or individual with a IT-focused project.
  • Organisations, teams in conjunction with one or more of their agencies.

How do I enter?

Read the How to enter page carefully and if you have any questions or need help, please send us email

Which category is right for me?

Consider the type of organisation you are or the type of sector you target – the category you have chosen to enter needs to be relevant to either of them. You can enter more than one category. If you like to hear our opinion  before deciding, please contact us at email

Where can I find my entry code?

You will find it on your Entry form. If you cannot locate your entry code, please contact us at email

Can I get help in writing my project?

To start with, Judging criteria and tips page may be a good point of reference. If you need further assistance, you can contact us at email

Can my company sponsor an Award?

Yes – please contact us at:
or call: +38163/246-261