IT Awards is the best thing that could happen in Serbia, because perceived lack of this type of competition that provides an opportunity to evaluate all the products in the IT industry.
Pavel SuroviCommunication Agency i Internet agencije




Marijana Primc Anastasijević
is, from end of 80s till today, one of the most respect women in IT  industry.
Her extensive work experience and years of active participation in the development of IT industry in our market, earned her the role of Chairman on IT Awards 2013.



Zoran Modli  (born April 22, 1948 in Zemun, PR Serbia, FPR Yugoslavia) is a Serbian journalist, radio disc jockey and aviator. He was one of the most popular Yugoslav radio personalities, running one of the most notable radio shows of the early 1980s in Yugoslavia, Ventilator 202.
Later, Modli has been running a successful radio show Modulacije in the 1990s, and since 2000, he has been running ZAIR (Zakon akcije i reakcije), a radio show about the new technologies, that is broadcast on numerous Serbian radio stations. His career is also very versatile, since he has also been a professional pilot, writer, author of numerous commercials and an expert in the fields of technical innovations and computer science.

Modli still runs ZAIR and maintains a personal website, that was proclaimed one of the best 50 in Serbia in 2001, 2003 and 2004 by a professional computer magazine PC Press.

Zoran Modli also is a winner of IT Awards 2013 for Lifetime Achievement Award.



Liba Krejzlikova-Trlidova is International Marketing Manager, and she have been working in Taiwan almost 4 years, now she is relocated in Europe.
She is responsible for marketing activities of taiwanesse manufacturer of networking products, well known in Europe and Latin America for AirLive.
She is familiar with the market trends all around the world and has worked on major campaigns and organizations of various IT conferences.



Prof. Dr. Ing. Dragan Cosic is  professor doctor at Duck Travel & Trade International Company. He is also a professor of computer science at Belgrade Business School – College of Professional Studies in Belgrade.
The author of TV show with longest tradition in our country – Polarotor which started to be broadcast in the fall of 1990. on Third RTS channel and broadcast until channel is off. Currently being broadcast on TV Copernicus. In addition to satellite television, digital and analogically, computer hardware and software, Polarotor monitor audio and video technology as well as all the events from the Internet.


Tamara Vučenović is a professional in the field of media, with experience in all types of media – web, print, TV and radio. In addition to journalism and editing, in which she is professionally engaged for more than 15 years, Tamara is excellent connoisseur of Public Relations and lecturer in the fields of: Development of the Information Society, IT and media, Self PR, Media Campaigns, Digital Culture, Online PR … She is the author and presenter of the show Digital Icons at Radio Belgrade II. Digital Icons is one of the first shows in Serbia, entirely dedicated to information and communication technologies and digitization. The show celebrated in 2012 its ten year anniversary.
Tamara won last year “Aleksandar Spasić”  Special Award for The Best IT journalist.


Slobodan Krstić is Electrical Engineering and IT manager at Yugoimport-FDSP – Belgrade, Serbia and Chairman of the Board at e-Development Association – Belgrade, Serbia.
His involvement has focused on improving the business synergies in the field of information society in Serbia and the region, and using social networks to connect knowledge, experiences, projects, experts and investors from around the world.


Miodrag Ilić is the co-founder and General Manager of Linkom-PC. During 25 years of experience (including 17 years in IT sales and 3 years in the Company Computer Centre), had wide experience in selling IT solutions and managing large IT projects (such as Digital Video Headend for cable TV, based on the Scientific Atlanta / Cisco Systems equipment).
He has worked in several well-known IT companies from Serbia and the region, in management positions in the sales department, and up to the level of General Manager. Also, in the three companies, he had a leadership position, as well as the person who is responsible for implementing the Quality Management System (QMS) according to the requirements of ISO 9001 standard.

Enis Šahinović, a professional graduate eng. Electrical Engineering, working as Technical Evangelist at Microsoft BiH. He is the founder of the tech portal, and, and during his 13-year career, he has worked as an editor of the portal and associate in publications such as Digital, PC Magazine, Info magazine, and Mreža. During 6 years he was the director of marketing
for Adriatic region at Foxconn company with 2 years as the CEO of this company IT Pro Ltd. Along promoting development platform of Microsoft and writing about new technologies, devices, and software solutions, market analysis and new marketing initiatives, he deals with research related to distributed computing and projects like Folding @ home and  He is a regular speaker at conferences such as MS Network, Mobility Day, Synergy, TechDays, TechNet and meetings MSCommunity community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dinko Konjevoda is Mechanical Engineer and he have several diplomas and certifications as a proof of his knowledge in IT industry.

He has over 20 years experience working with computers and he is currently working as Mechanical engineer – Product Manager.
Familiar with Mobile platforms. Regarding ISP business working with lots of famous brands such as HUAWEI, Ubiquiti etc…
Now he work for Sampro company.


Ana Jovanović co-founder and CEO of Krojač (, a company for web design and Internet business development. From 2010 they have established Krojač School for Web Designers ( She is the author of the project Souvenirs of Serbia (, for promotion of souvenirs and old traditional crafts through which she provide free counseling for marketing, sales, copyright for craftsmen, and also to improve their performance on the market.
Ana has extensive experience in development and deployment of business, design and implementation of business strategies. By the Dutch State Development Organization (SNV) she has been engaged as a consultant for the implementation of the concept of copyright eShop thematic project on an area of the region, she is SWOT team member for the development of the competitiveness of the tourism products in the Balkans, and she is also consultant and trainer for business development, performance on the Internet, marketing and PR.
She is member of the EU Network of mentors and official mentor for women entrepreneurship for Serbia. Challenges she currently enjoy is running Krojač School for Web  Designers, start up company department for developing applications and assisting in hiring freelancers and substantiation of their Rights.
Awards and recognitions: Business Women of Serbia, Serbia Informational Society Plaque, Flower of success for Successful Woman, E-Commerce Award, Tourist flower, special recognition – The best young entrepreneur.

Petar Kočović is country manager of Gartner, and  associate professor at  FON and Alfa University. He is responsible for sales operations as well as for promotion of all Gartner products.
Mr. Kočović has more than 25 years of experience working in the IT industry in management and technical positions for end-user organizations and software companies, as well as software developer. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr Kocovic was co-owner of company Tehnicom for 14 years, where he worked in the field of telecommunications, Internet providing and web development. He has experience in all Internet related technologies, as well as mathematical foundation for CAD/CAM. On this project he worked in company Energoprojekt-Energodata. He has worked in system management, account management, marketing, consulting and systems support, as well as in developing communication and commercial software.

He was invited speaker in few universities. He is associate professor at the Alfa University from Belgrade, and University of Belgrade-Faculty of Organizational Science. He has around 80 scientific papers, and published 13 books.

mr Dejan Ilić works at Pupin Telecom since 1996. on a business of design.
Since 2000, he is a member of redaction at Internet Ogledalo and still write for them.
Since 2006. joined the radio show ZAIR by Zoran Modli, as columnist, and since 2008. is a member of redaction at  TV shows Polarotor by prof. Dr. Dragan Cosić.

Member of the design team of the First Serbian satellite “Tesla” (projects that are designed and implemented by eight Serbian scientist-enthusiasts).

Jelena Rupnik is heading the creative team at TTC (Tomato Tomato Communications), a full service marketing/PR agency that solves problems and provides solutions for international companies and organizations, as well as ambitious regional players.

Her previous engagements have included five years as the PR Manager and Citizenship Lead for Microsoft Serbia and Montenegro, where she headed the broadest possible selection of projects, from product launch campaigns to overseeing almost all critical communications with internal and external audiences.

Before joining Microsoft, Jelena worked in Pleon Olaf and McAteer Public Relations Serbia. She switched to PR following a lengthy career in both print and TV journalism, spanning two continents, five countries and writing in two different languages.

She holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Media and Communication) from the University of Westminster and BA in Psychology from the University of Belgrade.


Dejan Rundić  has collaborated on nearly 40 issues IT magazine VIDI mostly as full-time employees as author. Currently working as a freelance specialist for electronic protection in magazine “Zaštita” .
He become involved in website programming nearly two years ago and now runs his own small design house that specializes in providing services to beginners.




Pavel Surovi, economics and computer engineer (MA), owner of the Communication Agency and Internet Agencija.
Since 1995, he has been engaged in web design. He developed from scratch three different e-shop web applications. The last six years he specialized in the area of e-commerce as an Internet Marketing Consultant (SEO, SEM) for foreign companies. He is winner of the best multimedia Slovak Multimedia PRIX Award, also winner of Golden Fond for the best e-shop DVDRENT in Slovakia, winner of HiiiBrand 2010 Competition for the best brand in the world and winner of the Oscar Design Angel for the best logo in Europe at AdPrint Festival 2012.