IT Awards uses a unique process for evaluating. The interface is very intuitive with advanced features. Me, as a judge, find that Awards Management System makes process of assessment much easier , and the best part is that I was able to write comments on the projects that I have evaluated.
Dinko KonjevodaSampro


Cutting edge anti-information overload technology
We are building a unique technology, which delivers distraction free user experience. It allows visitors to pick website content they want to consume.
We know what visitors want to see, read, buy and share. We also know when they want to do so. With appropriate timing and content selection we make the user experience better than ever.
The Adbuka advertising network is a proof of concept with proven track record of success. It’s our first endeavour and there is much more to come yet.
 We are working on API, with which other websites can use knowledge about user’s purschase intentions and interests, even from very first their visit, and display them most useful information. Simultaneously with the APIs we are working on WordPress and Drupal plugin.
This API can be used in ad servers too, for improvement targeting.
We are sold Adbuka ad-network licence to Croatia market.