With so many excellent products and projects being developed in the region and worldwide, IT needs a reward to distinguish those that are simply good from the best of them. IT Awards might just be that grading system this industry needs.
Dejan Rundić


Over 12 years of existence, over 50.000 business news, biggest business portal and forum about investing with 200 implemented marketing campaign – this is just a few of descriptions of portal Economy.rs

Economy.rs is started at 2002. and represents basic web location for all professionals, business oriented people, managers and sellers (brokers) on stock market. During all of this years we become one of most recognized internet brands on Serbia, representing the source of all relevant and accurate information’s from important areas of business.

Business people from Serbia, and all over the world, can get easy access to information via Internet, cell phones and useful apps, and of course of large network of partnerships with others who forward our information’s.