We applied for the IT Awards because it is a rare example of such an event where everyone is in the same position and fully equal competitors, and there is no pressure on judges. Where really The Best wins. IT Awards is shining example.
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hwb_logo_v2Hardware Base, founded in 2003. as first e-magazine in Bosnia and Herzegovina devoted primarily to test hardware components, and notebook computers. Hardware Base offers daily news of new hardware components, software, gadgets and other technology, and besides, HardwareBase.net site visitors are offered a detailed guides that show how it is possible to use different software or hardware solutions. There are regular reports from leading IT events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world, and interesting interviews.

Focus for Hardware Base magazine is on reviews of hardware and thorough and professional testing based on which readers (visitors) provides insight into the quality and performance of a product. IT market is very competitive and our goal is that through expert articles readers can make a choice and we recommend the best solutions for money. Therefore, the professionalism and neutrality during testing are key features of all the authors who publish their articles on Hardware Base site. An integral part of the Hardware Base Page is a forum that is the biggest IT community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.