I’m glad we had opportunity to participate in this unique event. In particular, I would pointed out an excellent logistical support from the organizers.
Ivana BuzurovićHrani se zdravo


interfejsStarting from March 2007, “Interfejs”, as a product of independent TV production company „MakeIT“, is broadcasted twice a week on Serbian national TV network – RTS2 – once a week as a premiere broadcast and once as a rerun. “Interfejs” is also broadcasted via RTS satellite channel. According to agency researches “Interfejs” has weekly audience of over 400.000 people. Our viewers are in majority 20 to 55 years old, 75% of them are highly educated and employed. 18% of them are women.

Our TV show is accompanied by its website www.interfejs.tv which is in practical its web edition, a place containing additional content, a marketing tool for us and a way to take an advantage in combining TV and Internet. Besides full transcript of an entire TV show, this web location also offers video clips from “Interfejs” TV show.

According to “Google Analytics” our Internet location has about 300.000 unique visits per month, in average.
In June 2008 Interfejs has received an award from Serbian Informatics Society for the contribution to the work of this society on development of Informatics in Serbia.

Diskobolos – an annual international award for achievements in the field of information and communication technologies, and popularly known as the “Oscar of Informatics”, for MakeIT project “Interfejs” and promotions of computer knowledge and skills in our country and beyond.

TV Show “Interfejs” broadcast continuously for 6 years.

Today we broadcast on about 60 TV stations all across Serbia.

We broadcast our TV Show in HD, 16:9 format.

We are present an equal number of years on internet at interfejs.tv, where we also have all content from TV show.

Also, all content we upload on Forum, and from recently on YouTube channel and Facebook fan page. We kept our viewers and visitors for many years due the unique view of free software solutions and games and possibilities to download them.

Our target market are young and business people and fans of the new technology.