IT Awards uses a unique process for evaluating. The interface is very intuitive with advanced features. Me, as a judge, find that Awards Management System makes process of assessment much easier , and the best part is that I was able to write comments on the projects that I have evaluated.
Dinko KonjevodaSampro

Internet Ogledalo

Journal of modern IT professionals

Internet  Ogledalo is the first professional magazine for IT managers . The magazine is primarily aimed on implementation of software solutions for business, as well as the development and advancement of management knowledge and skills in information technology.
Internet ogledalo is respected magazine for  IT solutions applied in business, with the largest subscriber base of business customers in the country .

Magazine, among other things , covers the following areas :

● ICT (Information Communication Technology )
● Stock exchange and brokerage business on the Internet
● Telecommunications
● Card Business
● E-Banking
● Development of computing (hardware , software , equipment)
● E -government
● Network
● E-business
● Internet technology
● Marketing on the Internet
● Tools and Applications
● Research
● Multimedia

Internet Ogledalo is proud of his carefully selected team of authors who are renowned experts , many of them are university professors and successful business people .