As a member of the jury I had my hands full with the received nominations, and I would like to point out that our grading job was much easier thanks to Awards Management System implemented at IT Awards 2013.
Dragan ĆosićPolarotor

Krojač Web Design School

School recommended by professional web designers

Krojač Web Design School for the second year confirms that it is possible to become from apprentice to master in 10 weeks and become a good web designer. From school came dozens of web designers, and close to 90% students immediately after the training began work on web projects, hired in IT companies, or have set up their own web design company.

Krojač school actualize their material with global trends, and today is the only school of its kind that is in its regular program put HTML5 and CSS3, according to long-standing knowledge of the practice, students coming out of school with references (two web sites and two design solutions), have our support after school, and developed a platform for employment assistance, and at the fall we organized specialized training for Responsive design. Lecturers are rewarded developers and IT professionals who are doing this work successfully engaged daily in the award-winning web design firm Krojač.

Training takes place in a modern working conditions – Krojač School is an official Apple Regional Training Centre.


Program: Basics of the Mac, the basics of design and web design, HTML5 and CSS3, SEO, Dreamweaver CS5, Fireworks CS5, PHP basics, analysis papers, validation, optimization, marketing, client work, guest speakers, consultations and support after education, employment support and training for participation in the market.

Web design in practice – tricks of the trade, negotiations with clients, the steps in the project, forms the conclusion of the project, payment, risk and benefits, how to make internet campaign to compete in international markets, how to get project … Homework, validation and evaluation of acquired knowledge .