With so many excellent products and projects being developed in the region and worldwide, IT needs a reward to distinguish those that are simply good from the best of them. IT Awards might just be that grading system this industry needs.
Dejan Rundić

Terms and Conditions


The following terms shall have the following meaning throughout these terms and conditions:

  • The Nominator” means the person who nominates the entry(ies) and is named as the nominator on the online Nomination Form. This includes their representatives or representatives of their company.
  • The Company” means organizer of IT Awards, MakeIT Agency whose registered office is Karadjordjev Trg 13, 11080, Zemun, Serbia, PIB: 103192471, MB: 56097759, +38163246261, info@it-awards.org.
  • The Awards Programme” means the design, configuration and attributes, including marketing logo, branding, unique or otherwise, processes and operations and any other related activities or aspects for the purposes of providing value to entrants or prospective entrants; or activities which can reasonably be associated with running the awards.
  • Nomination Form” means the online form to be completed to receive your entry code, questionnaire and payment confirmation or invoice.
  • Booking Form” means the online form to be completed in order to book your place on IT Awards Awards night and receive your booking code and payment confirmation or invoice.
  • Judge Form” means the online form to be completed to submit your Judge Application, receive your judge code, receive your access details for scoring environment and payment confirmation or invoice.
  • Questionnaire” means the online or offline form that you complete, after you complete Nomination Form, as your Entry submission.
  • Category” means each particular category of award to be given and presented by the IT Awards as listed and detailed on the Website.
  • Entry” means the project, team or individual, sucessfully submitted using the Nomination Form and Questionnaire, to be judged in the IT Awards.
  • Booking” means sucessfully submitted Booking Form for the purposes of booking your place on IT Awards Awards night
  • Attendee” means the person submitting the Booking Form and attending the IT Awards Awards night
  • The Judge“  means the person submitting the Judge Form and participating in scoring process of IT Awards, based on Judging Criteria defined by the Company
  • Judge Application” means successfully submitted Judge Form for the purposes of participating in scoring process of IT Awards
  • Judging Criteria” means the criteria and basis for judging Entries to determine the Finalists and Winners for the IT Awards.
  • Closing Date for Nominations” means the final deadline for submitting the Nomination Form and Questionnaire, as defined on http://it-awards.org/key-dates/
  • Awards Night Date” means the date Awards Night will be held on, as defined on http://it-awards.org/key-dates/
  • Closing Date for Judge Applications” means the final deadline for submitting the Judge Form, as defined on http://it-awards.org/key-dates/
  • Fee” means the relevant Entry fees, Booking fees and Judge Application fee as set out on the Website
  • Website” means the IT Awards website accessible at it-awards.org
  • Awards Services” means the following:
    • The provision of the information about the Awards Programme via the internet, email or by phone
    • The provision by the Company of the Nomination Form/Booking Form/Judge Form access and information about any other Awards Programme process or event
    • All administration necessary and determined solely by the Company of the Nomination/Booking/Judge forms completed and Questionnaires
    • The process of review, evaluation and scoring of the completed Questionnaires and related documents, also known as judging, by those appointed by the Company
  • The Terms and Conditions are between the Company and the Nominator and shall last for the duration of the IT Awards, as per the dates indicated on the available information and published on Website
  • These Terms and Conditions are for the purposes of nominating for the awards, submitting entries to be judged and attending the Awards night.
  • Information supplied by the Company in relation to any activity is accurate to the best of its knowledge and belief but shall not constitute any warranty or representation by the Company.

The responsibilities of the Nominator/Attendee/Judge

  • By completing the Nomination/Booking/Judge form, the Nominator/Attendee/Judge is accepting these Terms and Conditions and entering into a binding contract for the Awards Services, payment for the Awards Services and at the price set out on the Website.
  • The Nominator agrees that it is the sole responsibility to complete the Nomination form and Questionnaire in the manner they see fit and completed by means determined by the Company.
  • Failure to complete the Nomination Form and/or Questionnaire on the part of the Nominator does not mean that the Nominator has cancelled these Terms and Conditions nor constitute a satisfactory reason for non-payment.
  • The Judge agrees that it is the sole responsibility to complete the Judge form and Application in the manner they see fit and completed by means determined by the Company.
  • Failure to complete the Judge Form and Application on the part of the Judge does not mean that the Judge has cancelled these Terms and Conditions nor constitute a satisfactory reason for non-payment.

Representations and Warranties

  • The Company represents and warrants on its behalf and on behalf of its employees, agents or delegates that:
    • All information provided will be treated with the strictest confidence
    • All staff or judges who will be required to see or review information provided by the Nominator or their representatives will be subject to an agreement of confidentiality. No information will be provided to third parties not involved in the running of the Awards without the written consent of the Nominator or their representatives
    • It will use the Nominator/Judge name and logo in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with Awards programme rules determined by the Company.
    • It will not make any representation that may or will reflect adversely upon the business integrity or goodwill of the Judge/Nominator or their representatives
    • It shall only use the name and/or logo of the Nominator/Judge with the their prior approval
    • The name of the Nominator/Judge and the logo will be used in the exact form provided by the Nominator/Judge
    • The use of the name and logo must not be misleading in light of the circumstances in which such name and logo are published
    • It agrees to notify the Nominator/Judge if at any time during the course of these Terms and Conditions any of the representations or warranties made by the Company change.
  • All Entries must be submitted via the online entry form on the Website and submitted in accordance with these terms.
  • By completing the Nomination Form, the Nominator confirms that they accept these terms and conditions and they have the agreement of all parties associated with the project that the submission be made.
  • Each Entry must be completed in full and received on or before the Closing Date for Nominations. Entries received after the Closing Date for Nominations may be disqualified and therefore not considered for judging and the Entry fee will be forfeited.
  • No Entry will go forward for judging unless full payment of the Fee is received in accordance with the Company’s payment terms.

Payment Terms

  • MakeIT Agency is not in PDV system
  • Credit Card Payment
    • All Fee’s will be effected in Serbian currency (RSD). Values in other currencies are informational only and approximate. When charging your credit card, the amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.
    • All credit card information’s are submitted on protected webpage owned and managed by the Bank. Data security is guaranteed by the credit card processor, where complete payment process take place. In any moment MakeIT Agency, nor eMS d.o.o. who provide online credit card processing on behalf of the MakeIT Agency, will not have access to information’s from your credit card.
  • Invoice
    • All Fee’s will be effected in selected currency. Invoice will be issued in selected currency for the amount displayed on the Website.

Refund Policy

  • You have 14 days to cancel your Entry/Booking/Judge Application and request a refund*, (if you chose to pay by card) or cancel your invoice. After this time cancellations will not be accepted.
  • No refunds will be given within 30 days of the:
    • for Entry – Closing Date for Nominations
    • for Booking – Awards Night Date
    • for Judge Application – Closing Date for Judge Applications
  • The refunds are conducted strictly trough VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment methods, meaning, on Company request, the Bank will refund customer account.
  • Contact information’s for cancelation and refunds are: MakeIT Agency, Karadjordjev Trg 13, 11080, Zemun, Serbia, +38163246261, support@it-awards.org

Further Information

  • Entry may be subject to change in category by Judges if deemed appropriate. Nominator will be advised accordingly.
  • Dates of events and activities advertised on Website ( http://it-awards.org/key-dates/ ) may be varied with notice to the Nominator and at the sole discretion of the Company
  • Agencies submitting entries on behalf of clients must secure client’s permission prior to nomination
  • No communication will take place between Judges and Nominators regarding Judging Criteria, scoring processes, decisions on Finalists and Winners.
  • Judge’s decisions are final regarding all Entries, Judging Criteria and process, decisions on Finalists and Winners
  • If there is a dispute, the parties will agree to resolve such dispute but the Company will have the final decision
  • Entry to the Award places no obligation on the Company that the Nominator will receive an award.
  • The Nominator agrees to be bound by the current Terms and Conditions of the Awards Programme as may be altered from time to time
  • In the event that the Awards event cannot be held for any reason at the above mentioned venue or date, the Company reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event or move it to a different venue. The Company will notify the Nominator of any changes.
  • The Nominator/Attendee/Judge shall have no claim against the Company in respect of any loss or damage consequent upon the activity or activities from failing to occur wholly or partially, for whatsoever reason save where such loss or damage is caused by the Company’s negligence, fraud or wilful default.
  • This includes postponement or cancellation of the judging or Awards night. The Company may substitute other activities or events in place of planned events or activities for the Awards Programme or the purposes of running the awards for whatsoever reason, and in the event of such decisions, the Company will give prior notice to the Nominator/Attendee/Judge.
  • Except as otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions, neither party to the Terms and Conditions shall without previous consent of the other party assign any rights or obligations here under.
  • Employees and agents for the Company shall not in any circumstances be liable for consequential, indirect or special damages of any kind arising out of or in any way connected with the performance or failure to perform the Awards services.
  • The construction, validity and performance of the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Serbian Law and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Serbian  courts.
  • Should any member of the Nominator’s or Attendee’s party behave in a manner that is unacceptable to the Company, they shall be asked to leave the event. In this the Nominator/Attendee will be liable to the Company for payment in full for all or any expenses incurred and for any fees that may ordinarily have been due for attendance or participation in such activities.
  • The Company’s name and/or marques, branding or logo may not be used on promotional material for any form of publicity without the written consent of the Company or the Company’s representatives, whose names may vary but shall be communicated to the Nominator only on request. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage to the property of the Nominator. In the case of loss or damage to property, it should be reported to the Company at the time of such discovery.
  • The parties agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions for the duration of the IT Awards, as per the dates indicated on the available information and published at Website